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entrances to the main

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building. On one side,

area of 102-t

th▓ere will be "The

housand square meters, and exhibit

h▓alls cover 40-th

Gate of High Tech", and on the other, "The Portal

ousand square meters

of Green". They were specially designed to arouse

. There are four spe

the curiosity of young visitors.Inside, th▓ere will

cial effects cinem

be nearly a thousand permanent exhibits. They rang

as, and fi

e from demonstrations of the latest technology, to the fundamental principles of basic sciences like physics an▓d astronomy. Visitors can have hands-on experiences with some of the items on display.New labs, confere▓nce halls, and multiple-function auditoriums will be available for the use of the general public. Now, four▓ times larger, the

ve themes of dis

venue still costs an admission fee of 30▓ yuan -- just like before.After over three years鈥?constr▓uction, the new CSTM will officially open in the middle o▓f September. The old museum will open free to the ▓public for eight days starting from June 24.The CSTM is located within the central area of the Olympic Park, adjacent to the 鈥淏irds鈥

plays. Th▓ey are

divided up into 'Children's Science Paradise', 'Glory of China', 'Exploratio

?Nest鈥? Reporters learned on June 22 from the CSTM that after over three years of intensive construction, the new museum has started to install and test its equipment, as well as to arrange its exhibits. It will officially open to the public in the middle ▓of September.The old museum, whic

n and Discovery',

'Science, Technolog▓y and Life' and 'The Challenges and the Future'.There will

h operated for 21 years, will close from July 1 this year. Officials from Be▓ijing Association for Science and Technology stated▓ that the old museum will be used as Beijing Science Center,▓ where high-end and interactive science knowledge promotion ▓activities will be carried out.To return th

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